2019 Summer Power Only

2019 Summer Program Details PDF

Summer Program Driver Trip Sheet Example PDF





Power Only Driver Program Summary:

  • First and foremost, you must be able to run into California with your tractor!
  • This program starts and ends in Indianapolis, IN and we will try to help you find a load to get there.
  • Start date is to be announced, usually the beginning of June.
  • Program ends around end of August.
  • This is a forced dispatch -with no dead-head, all over the country (NO Canada / NO NYC)



1) Dispatch Week is Monday – Sunday.

2) In-Network Days – Driver is Dispatched or Available to be Dispatched.

3) Out-of-Network Days – Time off/Not Available to be Dispatched.

Program Info:

1) Drivers are paid a guaranteed minimum of 2000 miles per week (FOR 7 DAYS).

2) Minimum miles are prorated for “Out-of-Network” days (2000/7=285.71/day).

3) Actual miles and guaranteed minimum miles are reconciled every week.

4) Line-Haul rate is $1.85 per mile. Fuel is on top of that!

5) Miles are based upon the Landstar mileage calculator. It’s the same as Wheaton’s.

6) The Landstar fuel surcharge is paid weekly on the actual dispatched miles.

7) The fuel surcharge rate is based on the National Average as posted weekly by the DOT.

8) Stops for loading or delivering in transit (extra stops) will be $50 each. There is no additional

compensation for the first pick-up or the final delivery.

9) Drivers will be compensated for the out of route miles to stop at Wheaton or Bekins agencies as

necessary. The stops at agencies will not be considered extra stops unless the van is being loaded or

unloaded at the agency and it otherwise meets the criteria for an extra stop.

10) Drivers will need to obtain tare and gross weight tickets on all shipments unless given written notice by Wheaton and will be compensated $30 for each set of weight tickets obtained and turned in. If you get weight tickets free at an agent, we still give you the $30 for them.

11) Tolls or other fees will be reimbursed for actual cost with appropriate receipts where applicable. If

drivers are using a pre-pass toll card, then we expect them to be honest when reporting tolls. We will

check tolls in question.

12) Drivers are responsible for checking in each weekday with operations at Wheaton headquarters

and at least twice per week with the Landstar TPN Agency. TPN office number is 414-768-5556.

13) You are paid for all dispatched miles – translation: There is no uncompensated miles with the

exception of personal miles while out of network may be uncompensated. An example is if you empty

in Denver and your next load is in Salt Lake City, you will be paid for those miles, both line haul and

fuel surcharge. THERE IS NO DEAD-HEAD!

14) The destination agents labor crew will be responsible for folding pads upon completion of

delivery. If the Landstar driver is asked to fold pads he/she will be compensated at $20/hour for labor.

The Driver is responsible for submitting labor hours to the Landstar TPN Agency. You MUST be

honest about any hours spent!!


Landstar Drivers receive a 70% rate on their Landstar Truck contract because they are pulling

the clients Trailer. All equipment will be provided by Wheaton (furniture pads/straps/ramps, etc.).

There is no compensation for waiting time to load/unload.


We will enter one trip per week each Monday. Trip will be based on the 2000 mile minimum and you can draw an advance off of that. Each Monday you will call in to our office OR email your trip sheet and give us the actuals for the prior week (starting point and end point, weight tickets, stops, etc.). We will adjust your trip in the system to reflect actual miles and invoice the customer by that Weds (Please keep this in mind when figuring your BCO pay date with Landstar!).

If you are interested in signing up for the summer please call or email

Kendra @ landstartpn@gmail.com

Thank you!